High Paying Jobs in the Medical Field

The medical industry is growing at a faster pace and it needs experts, technicians, research professionals, scientists, and other assistants in the different fields of medicine. Before you finish your studies, it is important to take a look at highest paying jobs in this area so that you can select the one you are interested in. Apart from this, it would also help you choose the relevant subjects that can help you qualify for the best profile. A quick look at the different areas of this study would also help you plan your career accordingly. It may happen that you may not get an admission into the best college or you may not want to become a doctor at all, but still want to work in this profession. In such situations, you must know about the industries associated with this stream so that you can think of other probable options that would let you explore it in a different manner. On that note, here’s a look at the high paying jobs in the medical field.

List of Well Paid Jobs

Surgeons: Surgeons are paid extremely well. The salary range differs for different surgeons, but neurosurgeons get the highest salary, i.e., somewhere around USD 250,000 per year.

Anesthesiologists: Anesthesiologists work with surgeons and play a very important role in any kind of surgery. They administer and assist the entire surgery, and hence, this is the second most lucrative career. They earn around USD 230,000 per year.

Dentists: The third most lucrative career is dentistry. They take care of the oral health and dental disorders of the patients. Orthodontists and periodontists earn around USD 220,000 per year.

Gynecologists: The primary job of the gynecologists is to treat pregnancy and reproductive health-related problems faced by women. But, they also provide general medical care to women and the newborn babies. They earn around USD 205,000 per year.

Apart from this, there are general physicians, obstetrics, geneticists, veterinarian, dietitians, chiropractors, pediatricians, osteopathic physician, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists who earn between USD 140,000 – USD 185,000. Now, have a look at some of the jobs that are closely associated with this profession.


Given below are some of the relatively well-paying careers that are essential to run the medical industry smoothly.

Nursing: The salaries of nurses differ as per their expertise and specialties. A registered nurse can get up to USD 100,000 per year. The salary of nurse also depends on whether a candidate holds a degree or diploma in nursing. A degree holder is paid more. Apart from this, experience too counts before the salaries are fixed.

Therapists: There are different kinds of therapists, such as occupational and physiotherapists. Their primary job is to assist and rehabilitate physically or/and mentally impaired patients. They earn around USD 70,000 – USD 80,000 per year. Therapists with master’s degree are paid the highest.

X-ray Technicians: X-ray technicians earn somewhere around USD 50,000 – USD 60,000 per year. The pay scale is subject to their qualification. Degree holders are paid more than diploma and certificate holders. Salary is also subject to the city and location of the hospital along with experience of the candidate.

Pharmacy Technician: The job of a pharmacy technician is to distribute the prescribed medications to the patients under the guidance of a pharmacist. They can earn up to USD 40,000 – USD 60,000 per year. Again the salary is subject to qualification and experience of the candidate and location of the pharmacy.

Apart from this, there are forensic scientists, medical assistants, dental hygienists, respiratory therapists, ultrasonographers, and physicians assistants, etc., who earn somewhere between USD 40,000 – USD 80,000 per year depending on their qualification and experience. These were some of the medical jobs that are paid well.

Before you choose any of these, it is advisable to consult a career counselor who will share more insights on best careers in medicine. Hope you get your dream job soon. All the best!!!

High Paying Jobs for Women

Although more and more women are joining the workforce, still, as far as the salaries are concerned, women’s salaries as compared to that of men in the same profession and position are approximately just 80%. This disparity should however, not demotivate women, as there are some jobs through which they can expect to make equal or much more than $1,000 per week, on an average.

– Physicians and surgeons
– Physician assistants
– Medical and health services managers
– Physical therapists
– Pharmacists
– Speech-language pathologists
– Anesthesiologist
– Occupational therapists
– Registered nurses
– Physical scientists
– Computer programmers
– Computer software engineers
– Computer scientists and systems analysts
– Computer and information systems managers
– Civil or production engineers
– Marketing and sales managers
– Management analysts
– Advertising and promotions managers
– Human resources managers
– Education administrators
– Post secondary teachers
– Architects
– Lawyers
– Chief executives
– General and Operations managers

Average Yearly Salary: $125,000
Qualifications Required: To get into this top paying job, a four-year bachelor’s degree is required. This is followed by three years at law school and clearing the bar exam.

Computer Software Engineers
Average Yearly Salary: $95,000
Qualifications Required: To become a computer software engineer, a four-year bachelor’s degree in software engineering or equivalent is required. Employers prefer a master’s degree and considerable work experience.

Average Yearly Salary: $310,000
Qualifications Required: Although it is counted among the top ten jobs in America, to get into this profession requires a four-year bachelor’s degree, followed by four years in medical school. Thereafter, four years of residency as well as a yearly internship is required. After this, three years are devoted to formal anesthesiology training, and again there is a residency and internship.

Average Yearly Salary: $105,000
Qualifications Required: A person needs a master’s degree, although a doctorate in pharmacy is always preferred. This is followed by clearing the PCAT examination.

Human Resource Managers
Average Yearly Salary: $100,000
Qualifications Required: The educational qualification for this job is a bachelor’s degree. The more on the job experience a person has, the more her prospects of earning in this profession improve.

Computer and Information Systems Managers
Average Yearly Salary: $110,000
Qualifications Required: This is one of the best paying jobs for women. A person needs a four-year bachelor’s degree in one of the computer-related fields to get into this profession. Having a doctorate is preferred.

Chief Executive Officers
Average Yearly Salary: $100,000
Qualifications Required: To become a CEO, a woman needs to have years of experience in all business related fields such as management, marketing, finance, etc. A master’s degree or a doctorate in a management related field is preferred.

Management Analysts
Average Yearly Salary: $95,000
Qualifications Required: A bachelor’s degree as well as experience in various fields such as business administration, financial management, marketing, economics, human resources, etc., is required to get into this field.

As can be seen, most of these jobs require years of education, experience, and thorough career planning. So, it can be said that patience, hard work, and intelligence are the key to making a career in any of these professions.