Disney Tops List of Best Places to Begin Career

Disney’s orientation programs may include earning a little extra pixie dust, but grads are lining up for work at the world’s largest media and entertainment company. The Walt Disney Company recently topped the list of the “50 Best Places to Launch A Career,” as compiled by BusinessWeek magazine.

The formula for the rankings is a fairly complex mix of career counselor ratings of businesses to where grads are applying, and then tossing in a survey of pay, benefits, retention and corporate training information. What BusinessWeek found is that many grads are not targeting a single corporation, or even a single industry, but looking across the spectrum of employers to find the right job. For example, No. 9 J.P. Morgan might be competing with No. 16 L’Oreal, despite the vast difference in corporate identity and industry.

Other companies topping the list were Lockheed Martin, Deloitte & Touche, Goldman Sachs, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car rounding out the top five spots.

This is key information for both grads and companies to consider. With a coming downshift as Baby Boomers retire, companies are going to be facing a considerable need for labor while facing a considerable dose of competition. If the Internet boom of the 1990s was any foreshadowing, companies will have to solidify benefits, up compensation and offer a work-life equation that is more than balanced.

“Given the country’s demographics, some accommodation is inevitable. Entry-level hiring is expected to surge in 2007 by more than 17%,” BusinessWeek reported, “the fourth consecutive double-digit increase, according to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE). And this could be only the beginning. By 2010, as the exodus of baby boomers from the workforce accelerates, census data suggest, two employees will be leaving for every new hire entering, and new college grads will be a precious commodity.”

Surprisingly, the U.S. State Department made the No. 6 spot, demonstrating that the most recent crop of graduates are not just looking internally for positions, but considering work from a global perspective. What fascinates grads about the possibility of working in federal service where the hours are long and the pay is low? Variety. Two things that draw grads are State’s training and travel programs.

While there’s a lot of competition for the jobs, and they require a great deal of in-class work after being hired. The life of a diplomat is varied and significant. New training programs offered at State include simulations of events that diplomats face in the field. Further, the diplomats get to travel and see the world on America’s dime, making the low pay not look too bad.

Best Second Careers

Back in college days, when you had to pick a subject to major in, little did you know about it. And just when you started to get an insight, you were asked to make career decisions. It was more like, you fell into it, than you chose it for yourself. Similarly, many professionals would say that careers are what happened to them, and not what they made for themselves. On the contrary, a second career gives you a shot at reviewing your experiences, and making the best second career’s decision. It is your chance to start afresh and turn over a new leaf.

The biggest advantage of a second professional inning is the savings from the previous one. With the benefit of work experience and a monetary cushion, starting your dream entrepreneurial business is a best option for the second act. With the Internet and time at your disposal, chalk out a plan for your firm. Look at the investments you would have to make and effort you’d have to put in. Hire a good consultant, who can provide you with his expertise to maximize profit and minimize expenditure. Send a mail to your friends explaining your business plan. Their responses will help you gauge the additions and subtractions you need to make to your plan.

A professional with industrial experience is a better teacher than one who limits himself to the confines of a classroom. A second career, after 15-10 years of experience, teaches you a lot more than what you learned way back in school. So, here’s your chance to share your knowledge and hone the skills of those who aspire to reach higher planes. Take up a job as a post graduation professor for college students. It is not only a high paying job, but rewarding one too. Connecting with the younger minds is a brilliant of living the bygone days all over again!

Social Work
If your second career is about giving back to the society and working for a cause, then being a social worker is the right thing for you. It’s a career that will reward in intangible ways with greater fulfillment. Being a social worker is radically different from being a high salaried professional. It gives you chance to help those who cannot help themselves, inspire those who live in despair, and motivate those who are ignorant to the real problems of life. Nothing is more satisfactory than working for a cause that is larger than life.

Freelance Journalist
Being a full-time journalist allows you minimal leniency. It constricts you to lengthy working hours and intrudes your personal life. So, if you are a full-time mother of a newborn or in the just married phase, then being a freelance journalist is the best way out. It keeps you in tune with your skills of reporting and writing, and allows you to build your profile, till the time you are ready get back to it full-time. Lifestyle journalism, capturing human interest stories, or working with magazines instead of newspapers, will give you a chance to explore your writing style in a whole new way and keep you occupied as well.

Hobby as a Career
Music, dance, photography, designing, nature lover, fitness freak, acting, and a hundred more hobbies that you experimented with, will now come to your help. Chose the one thing you were good at and loved doing, to turn it into your second act. For instance, if the art of making objects out of origami is a hobby you’ve pursed for a long time, then teach kids around your block few tricks of folding paper. Start your own classes and unfold the joy of empowering someone with a hobby for a life.

These were some of the second careers that you can pursue after a long professional intermission. A second career is more about emotional satisfaction than monetary ones. Thus, pick a career option that you wanted to do. It’s never too late, you know!